Edit: The audio is somewhat bugged. Play around with the music volume from the option menu, and when you will reset the game after the 20s of Level1, you should be able to listen to the music effect. I don't know what's wrong with that. This does not happens in Windows client. Probably there were some troubles with the Unity3d conversion.

Per qualche strano motivo ci sono problemi con l'audio.Probabilmente per la conversione dei codici utilizzata per poter essere utilizzato sul web.
Per poter ascoltare l'audio: andare nel pannello "Options", muovere la barra di controllo volume e premere "Start". Da quel livello in poi l'audio sarà funzionante.


Click and Destroy v0.3

Project 1 of "The Walker Boys - Learn Unity" course.

The Html Version takes a bit of time to load... i didn't pay attention to the web optimization, i've just lowered the graphic.

So, the first time you will attempt to play it will not run smoothly and, probably, the audio will crash the first time.

I'm sorry for this, but i don't think i will come back on this project and update it later.

I'm available for the source code.

I've made it all in C#, converted in WebGL format(js and c++) by Unity3d 5.4.0b10(Personal Edition).

Made withUnity

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